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Please be respectful and courteous in the drop off and pick up lines.

Allow bus traffic to come into and get out of the bus loop and lower parking lot.

7th and 8th grade students will be remote the week of April 12 due to recent COVID 19 cases.

Travel Guidance

Strafford School is now following the DHHS guidelines for travel.

You can find the March 16, 2021 update here:

Kindergarten registration!

If your child will be age 5 by September 30th, 2021, please call or email Strafford school to start the registration process.


Arrival & Dismissal

Help us to make drop off and pick up safe for everyone.

  • Have your student gather all their things and put on their face mask as you approach the drop off spot. This saves a lot of time.

  • Allow your student to open the door and get out on their own, whenever possible. This helps our line to moving and teaches your student to be more responsible.

  • Please pull up to the second Drop Off mark on the pavement whenever possible.

  • Do not pass a vehicle in the line unless directed to by a staff member. Students enter and exit from both sides of vehicles.

  • Pay attention to the visual/vocal directions given by the staff.

  • Allow a bus or 2 to be in front of you.


If your student will be absent for any part of the school day, you must enter the absence into

PickUp Patrol or call the school to let us know about the absence.

PickUp Patrol is an app you can access on a mobile device or a computer.

If you no longer have your welcome email,

please contact Mrs. Roy at .

She can have the information resent to you.

Read Across America update. . .

Congratulations, Strafford School and our winning classes,

5 Clemons and K Wilder!

We'll set the date to turn hair blue!

Maybe we should have set the challenge a little higher!

A fun place to learn about your principal and assistant principal

Disposal of Special Education Records:

Strafford School will be disposing of Special Education records at the beginning of each new calendar year in compliance with ED 1119.01. Special Education records of past students 25-60 years of age will be disposed of with the exception of their last Individual Educational Plan (IEP) which remains on file until age 60.

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Single Run Bus Routes

Strafford School Bus Routes 20-21 Revision D.pdf

All of our bus routes will be single runs as of Monday, March 29.

Any students who rode on a bus #2 route ORANGE, GREEN, RED, RAINBOW- will be picked up 20 minutes earlier than their current time.

Any students who rode on a bus #1 route ORANGE, GREEN, RED, RAINBOW- will arrive home 20 minutes earlier in the afternoon than their current time.

There are no changes to BLUE, BLACK, or PURPLE bus routes or times.