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It is Free and Reduced Application time again. If you have applied before or not, please consider applying today. Every approved application supports the family, the school, and the local taxpayers as almost every grant and state funding is based (in part) on our Free and Reduced status.

IMPORTANT: If a family was approved in 2022-23, their status will end 30 operational days after the first day of school (October 11, 2023). If the family wishes to continue receiving free/reduced priced meals for the full 2023-24 school year, they will need to submit a new application for review. CLICK HERE for more info and application.


If your student will be absent for any part of the school day, you must enter the absence into 

PickUp Patrol or call the school to let us know about the absence. 

PickUp Patrol is an app you can access on a mobile device or a computer.

If you no longer have your welcome email, 

please contact Ms. Silva at april.silva@strafford.k12.nh.us

Superintendent/Business Manager/Director HR: Robert Seaward

Facilities Director: James McCormick

Technology Director: Robert Stacy

AP and HR Coordinator: Elizabeth Davis

Payroll and Business Coordinator: Veronica Tetreault

Food Services: Nichole Rybicki

Principal: Danielle Harvey

Director of Student Services: Melissa McKeon 

Dean of Students: Lynne Guyre

Admin Assist: Jess Clark & April Silva & Marrissa Knight

School Nurse: Jamie Clark

Strafford School Board: schoolboard@strafford.k12.nh.us

To Report a Title IX Concern: Click Here - Title IX Coordinator: Melissa McKeon 

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Strafford School - 22 Roller Coaster Rd, Strafford, NH 03884  - Phone: 603-664-2842  Fax: 603-664-5269

Strafford School District Administrative Office (SAU) - Phone: 603-905-9555  Email: district@strafford.k12.nh.us