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Do not pass any vehicle in the drop off or pick up line unless directed to do so by a staff member.

Students enter and exit from both sides of vehicles. Please do not risk the safety of a child to save yourself a few seconds.

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Strafford School Gym

Friday, May 14 4:30-5:30 pm

Saturday, May 15 9:30-11:30 am

Please enter and exit through the gym doors only.

If you wish for your remote student to return to school, you must contact the school at least

2 school days prior to your student's return to allow time for furniture and materials to be prepared and for verification that all required paperwork is complete.

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The schools and central office of NH SAU 44 will continue to require masks for everyone older than 2 years until & unless the CDC and/or NHDHHS declare that masking is no longer a recommended mitigation strategy. Mask requirements will continue for bus ridership as well.

Recess mask changes for those with signed forms will begin on Thursday, May 6, 2021.

Virtual Concert

for Music in Our Schools Month

Please click the button below to see the virtual concert

Ms. Cote and our students created!

Before and after school care is now available at Strafford School. For more information, Please contact Gina Walsh

Before and After Care

Kindergarten registration!

If your child will be age 5 by September 30th, 2021, please call or email Strafford school to start the registration process.


Arrival & Dismissal

Help us to make drop off and pick up safe for everyone.

  • Have your student gather all their things and put on their face mask as you approach the drop off spot. This saves a lot of time.

  • Allow your student to open the door and get out on their own, whenever possible. This helps our line to moving and teaches your student to be more responsible.

  • Please pull up to the second Drop Off mark on the pavement whenever possible.

  • Do not pass a vehicle in the line unless directed to by a staff member. Students enter and exit from both sides of vehicles.

  • Pay attention to the visual/vocal directions given by the staff.

  • Allow a bus or 2 to be in front of you.


If your student will be absent for any part of the school day, you must enter the absence into

PickUp Patrol or call the school to let us know about the absence.

PickUp Patrol is an app you can access on a mobile device or a computer.

If you no longer have your welcome email,

please contact Mrs. Roy at .

She can have the information resent to you.

Last Days of School

Due to the school closure last week, please see the ending dates for school by grade level.

Pre-K: June 18th

K and 1st: June 21st

2nd, 3rd, and 4th: June 22nd

5th and 6th: June 23rd

7th and 8th: June 24th - currently a 1/2 day/early dismissal

NH Spring Assessment Schedule

NH SAS Testing Schedule Spring 2021

Disposal of Special Education Records:

Strafford School will be disposing of Special Education records at the beginning of each new calendar year in compliance with ED 1119.01. Special Education records of past students 25-60 years of age will be disposed of with the exception of their last Individual Educational Plan (IEP) which remains on file until age 60.

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Single Run Bus Routes

Strafford School Bus Routes 20-21 Revision D.pdf

All of our bus routes will be single runs as of Monday, March 29.

Any students who rode on a bus #2 route ORANGE, GREEN, RED, RAINBOW- will be picked up 20 minutes earlier than their current time.

Any students who rode on a bus #1 route ORANGE, GREEN, RED, RAINBOW- will arrive home 20 minutes earlier in the afternoon than their current time.

There are no changes to BLUE, BLACK, or PURPLE bus routes or times.