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Bus Routes

Coe Brown Academy

Strafford Elementary


Policy #3545.1 Maintaining Discipline on Buses

The following rules for the safe transportation of students will be observed:

Students must take a seat and remain seated until the bus reaches school or home. The driver may assign specific seats to pupils.

Students must not throw articles such as paper, books, coats, etc. while they are on the bus.

Students should do nothing to distract the driver such as shouting, whistling, or singing.

There shall be no horseplay or fighting on the bus.

Aisles are to be kept free from books, lunch boxes, and other objects.

Students shall not eat on the bus.

No smoking shall be allowed on any bus.

Students who must cross the road after leaving the bus must cross in front of the bus and on the signal of the driver.

Students should line up in single file to pass in or out of the bus.

Students must be ready to take the bus when it arrives. Drivers will not wait for students who are not ready.

Bus students will be discharged from and admitted to the bus only at the school at which they are enrolled.

The use of radio/cassette players or hand held video games on the bus is permitted under certain circumstances. These items must be kept in backpacks while in school. The school or bus company assumes no liability in connection with the loss or damage of such items.

Oversized items such as skis, skateboards, some oversize musical instruments, special school projects, etc. must be privately transported to school and are not allowed on buses, for safety and space reasons.

At no time can animals of any kind be transported by bus.

If a child in the Strafford School District poses disciplinary problems, the bus driver will issue a disciplinary notice and inform the administration. The administration will notify the parents by telephone or written message and will inform them of the problem and of any disciplinary action taken. Continued infractions will result in denial of bus transportation as outlined below.

The first suspension from bus transportation after a warning may be up to three (3) days. The second will be for one (1) week and the third suspension may result in the child being denied bus transportation for a period of up to twenty (20) days with approval of the Supt. of Schools. Flagrant violations such as fighting, smoking, swearing, damaging parts of the bus, failure to follow the directions of the bus driver or putting head, hands, or arms out of windows will automatically result in the denial of transportation privileges.

The parent or guardian of a pupil, who has been denied the right to ride a school bus for disciplinary reasons, has the right of appeal within ten (10) days of the suspension to the authority that has suspended the pupil.

The Principal will be responsible for reviewing all bus regulations and disciplinary procedures with teachers and students at the beginning of the school year. Each Principal will be responsible for scheduling an annual assembly on bus safety which will include instruction in the necessary emergency procedures on a bus should an accident occur.

The above policy supersedes policy #3545.1, adopted May 8, 1969 and amended and re-adopted November 3, 1977. The legal basis for this policy may be found in RSA 189.9 a. Amended by the Board Amended by the Board September 7, 197. Amended and re-adopted by the Board April 22 1985 and July 17, 1991.