Are We Up For A Challenge?

Our amazing principal, Dr. Young has issued a challenge for Strafford School. He has challenged all students and staff to read 1,000 books in just three weeks.  Between Friday, March 9th and Friday, March 30th students are encouraged to read the books they love to help their school meet this challenge.

If we meet this challenge, Dr. Young has hinted that he will show up to school wearing something crazy and that he may even eat something gross!  Ask your students more about these clothes and this crazy food after they attend the K-5 assembly (or after Dr.Young visits 6-8th classrooms) on Friday, March 9th.  

We are  also encouraging parents to amp up the reading at home.  Shut off the T.V. and pick up a book!!!!!  Anything your student reads or listens to at home or in school counts toward our goal.  Our amazing staff will also be hard at work helping the students with this challenge.

Teachers will keep a tally of all finished books in class until Friday, March 30th.  Then the whole school will tally up all the books and see if we reached our goal of 1,000.  By just reminding your student to pick up their book we are already halfway there.  Now let’s get reading!  

Submitted by Ella B., Grade 7